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Re: Just for fun - 20 Q's Survey - All your favorites!

cloth diaper survey

1) Favorite AIO: bumGenius sized AIOs or GroVia AIO

2) Favorite AI2 or Hybrid System: Softbums or Flip Organics

3) Favorite Pocket: Fuzzibuns XS (hopefully for our newbie!) or bumGenius 4.0's

4) Favorite Fitted: Kiwi Pie OS Fitteds

5) Favorite Prefold and Flat: DSQ PFs- Zabi Baby, Flats- no preference, Other Prefold- Thirsties Hemp Prefolds

6) Favorite Cover: hopefully Bummis NB and Flips for OS. Also a huge fan of Fluffy's

7) Favorite Wool Product: Woolybottoms Footies and anything knit

8) Pins, Snappis or Biongos?: Snappi's, haven't tried Biongos yet.

9) Favorite inserts and/or doublers: Inserts- Thirsties Duo Inserts, Doublers- Hemp Babies

10) Favorite wetbag/pail liner: no real preference. Love our large whammies wetbag though!

11) Favorite cloth wipes: no real preference. Chelory made us some really nice ones

12) Favorite WAHM shop: Knotty Pine Knits, Fluffy's Diapers

13) Favorite Online CD store: Just one???? Cottonbabies for fast & free shipping, Kissed by the Moon & Sew Crafty Baby for awesome customer service, and Kelly's Closet for the free diaper codes! Oh and Bouncing Babies is a new favorite too for their customer service and adaptibility.

14) Favorite Natural Detergent: Allen's Naturally

15) Favorite Mainstream Detergent: we use All Free & Clear

16) Hook & Loop or snaps? Depends. I get a better fit with H&L

And a few more questions just for fun

17) Why do you CD? Originally for the price and to prove everyone wrong. Now I feel its better for our kids, way cuter, and I love not having to buy & smell sposies.

18) How many LOs do you have in diapers and when did you first start CDing them? My son was CDed from 2 months through a little over 2 years old. He's unfortunately in sposies now at 2.9 years because I thought he was gonna PL and we fell into the sposie rut when he didn't We also have another boy due in September that we plan to CD from birth (god willing).

19) What diaper are you REALLY wanting to try next? Tons! Funky Fluff, Swaddlebees Capri, BG Freetime, Thirsties Duo AIO to name a few

20) If you could only pick ONE diaper for your entire stash (not counting the newborn stage) which one would you pick? For older babies or OS, I'd say bumGenius Pockets. For newborns I'm loving FB XS and Bummis Covers and Prefolds, but we'll see!!

Thanks for participating.. hope it was fun!

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