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Re: Daycare toddler room expectations?

With both of my boys, when they moved to the toddler room and started sleeping on a cot instead of a crib, I thought "There is no way they will ever stay on that cot! They will constantly getting up!" But I was amazed at how quickly they figured it out. At first, the teacher would sit right next to them and rub their back, whisper "shh" to them, etc. until they fell asleep. Didn't take long at all for them to learn that during nap time they now sleep on a cot.

Oh, and sippy cups are fine the toddler room. Zay does not use any utensils, I just try to pack things that he can eat with his hands -- our daycare does not provide lunch. If I pack some yogurt or applesauce, the teacher will help with that part.
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