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Re: Just for fun - 20 Q's Survey - All your favorites!

1) Favorite AIO -- NEVER TRIED ONE

2) Favorite AI2 or Hybrid System -- Little Boppers FLEECE sized Ai2

3) Favorite Pocket -- breathable fleece Green Acre Designs

4) Favorite Fitted -- Little Boppers sized

5) Favorite Prefold and Flat -- I've been happy with the Little Lions premium PFs we have; fav flat is Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds

6) Favorite Cover -- my own EmotiBums

7) Favorite Wool Product -- Imse Vimse Bumpy Wool Wrap (easy care)

8) Pins, Snappis or Biongos? PINS

9) Favorite inserts and/or doublers -- Joey Bunz premium hemp and Thirsties Fab Doublers

10) Favorite wetbag/pail liner -- The Fancy Pansy

11) Favorite cloth wipes -- I mostly have me-made, but I like the Little Boppers wipes

12) Favorite WAHM shop -- my own

13) Favorite Online CD store -- Kissed by the Moom, such a sweet WAHM!

14) Favorite Natural Detergent -- Country Save (but I use Tide free and gentle most of the time)

15) Favorite Mainstream Detergent -- Tide Free and Gentle

16) Hook & Loop or snaps? SNAPS

And a few more questions just for fun

17) Why do you CD? -- MAINLY: not generate a bunch of garbage, not spend as much $$ (in theory... LOL); secondly: I LOVE it and think CDs are super cute, but I did not know I would feel like this prior to starting, so the main reason is to prevent generating garbage

18) How many LOs do you have in diapers and when did you first start CDing them? -- ONE, he is now 3 and still in CDs. I started as soon as he came home from the hospital, when he was one day old.

19) What diaper are you REALLY wanting to try next? -- trainers or undies I've been sewing our own Trismsies training undies

20) If you could only pick ONE diaper for your entire stash (not counting the newborn stage) which one would you pick? -- HARD QUESTION! I like to have daytime diapers/naptime diapers/and nighttime diapers. If I could only have ONE, I would have pocket fitteds sewn from the new Fishsticks pattern "Green Beginnings" LOVE the fit, it's sized and super trim; has snaps, can be stuffed differently for day, nap, or night; I would go with EmotiBums fleece covers over it cause we can't use PUL
Hi I'm Melanie! I make EmotiBums FLEECE

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