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Re: Please help....Freaking OUT! What is going on???

Thanks for all of the replies! Just a little update... I talked to the head lactation consultant at our hospital the same day I wrote this...She said it sounded like my supply was borderline and that she was a little concerned that it dropped SO much overnight, but that I should be able to get it back up. Soo, I pumped after EVERY feeding... I pumped every hour during the times he was asleep, and I woke up and pumped every 2 hours during the night. This is all on top of his regular feedings. I also ate 20 oz oatmeal every day and started Motherlove More Milk Special Blend capsules. After 2 days, I could tell a HUGE difference! In fact, now, my supply is even better than it was before. After almost 2 days of all the extra pumping, I backed down a little. Now, I'm pumping once at 5 am, feeding baby before I leave for work at about 6:30, then I pump at 9 am and noon at work, and then once sometime in the afternoon while he naps after I'm home. Yesterday, with those 4 pumpings, I ended up with 22 oz. I think I'm going to keep this schedule so I'm hoping that it will stay up now. If not, I'll just increase my pumpings again. Thanks for all of the encouragement. I really appreciate it!!

eta- I also have made sure to really increase my water intake as well.
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