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Re: Daycare toddler room expectations?

Originally Posted by MamaLump View Post
Ok, you guys are making me think that if I put some effort into helping him during July that he is capable. I am just freaked out about pushing him before he is ready. Sounds like I might just be underestimating him. After lunch today, I think I will go over and talk to the one teacher that I know will be in his classroom and figure out what I really need to focus on during July. Also, they have daily lesson plans (schedules) do maybe I will get a copy of hers for today and see if I can get my son to that by the end of July. He'll then only be a month behind, and maybe the schedule won't change that much between now and then.

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believe me I was equally as freaked out. My daughter wouldn't even take a bottle until almost 10 months (so that's when she started daycare) it was a HUGE accomplishment, and when they told me she couldn't have a bottle when she moved up, I was like, "omg, it took me 10 months to even get her to do anything besides nurse, there is absolutely no way she's ready for her sippy. So, I went home bought sippy cups that looked most like her bottle (one of the nuk silicone ones, and we worked on it, and worked on it.) even after she switched to the toddler room though she still took 2 naps at home for quite sometime. The difference is in how busy and occuppied they keep them compared to the infant room and at home. So, I wouldn't work on the nap time thing too much (or stress about that- which I definately did, so it's easier said than done)
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