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Re: Any advice for 3 year old on the verge of giving up naps but not quite...

Originally Posted by champatlife View Post
have you tried moving his nap time a little earlier?

(and not silly at all, after 9pm is kind of my recooperation time (and to spend with DH alone, where we can watch an adult movie if we so choose, and can just focus on us or eat a snack we might not really want the kids to have. hah)
I've got it as early as I can manage with our current schedule; lunch starts at 11 or 11:30 and is done around 12; dd goes down around 12:30, 1 at the latest; so ds goes down at 1 if all goes well with dd.

And yeah, I have no time to relax at night...,let alone talk to DH. I forgot to mention that dd is a hardcore 7 pm-5 am sleeper so I'm up early too; I've tried many times to gradually move her later so she could be 8pm-6am, but she seems hardwired to get up at 5. Maybe I'll try again though.
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