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Re: Ahhh....

Hmm - I'm not sure about the meat thing - my dd doesn't eat too much meat either, but she LOVES Red Kidney beans, so I make some of those usually when we are having meat I know she won't eat. The veges are a little easier, because you can make things like zucchini bread (add chocolate chips to make it a "cake"), zucchini brownies (AMAZING), zucchini cookies, vegetable pancakes (I do zucchini because we have a million from our garden right now, but have also used shredded carrots) add blueberries to the mix to make them fruity, or another version of the vege pancakes are more like fried fritters or something that are dipped in ketchup. Maybe try a thin slice of tomato on his grilled cheese, or some grated carrots mixed in with his jelly, things like that. My kiddo goes through weird picky stages, so when she won't eat cooked veges or something, I just add it to what she does like. I've been dicing cooked carrots really small and putting them in her oatmeal or Cream of Wheat along with the blueberries I put in there - she doesn't know the difference and gobbles it right up.
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