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Please comment with your opinion:
We have not found out the baby's gender (in envelope in my purse...still) and I am now TOTALLY ON THE FENCE (FOAMING AT THE MOUTH BEFORE THE U/S WAS OVER TODAY!!!) ABOUT WAITING FOR THE BIRTH!!! Here's the deal:

I still have ALL of DS1's clothing, toys, etc. except the ones I didn't like (maybe a med box of stuff), he was mah 1st, and I went BONKERS! I have a 20 gal tote for almost EACH size...this is probably the last one unless we start feeling froggy again after our teenagers go to college (and are gone long enough to really miss the noise LOL) in 3ish years...sooooo PART of me sees the opportunity in finding out b/g...if Girl I can sell the clothing and get girly stuff (The girls are not my bio-kids). My mother has boxes of girl clothing (from me and my teenage girls) and it is ALL in SUPER shape! DP's mother (future MIL) will be so happy to buy girly things (yes, we ALL know it's fun to buy frilly stuff!!!) she will probably go as overboard as I did with boy stuff for DS1!!! She had 4 boys and really wanted a little girl, she likes to help our girls do their hair and stuff (they are great and appease her while she puts pin-curls in their hair...they hate the style but they know it means a lot to her)...I am not girly...I was a total tomboy. I just go for it...DS was born in October so the time is now to start selling his stuff if we have a girl....if we have a boy then part of me feels like I will be disappointed (not b/c it's a boy, not a girl) b/c I could have waited for the birth with the same result...ARGH!!!!:ba nghead::ba nghead::

WWYD??? I know i need to make up my own mind and nobody can do it for me, but I would like to hear what you have to say...maybe I am not thinking of something...

BTW we found out via amnio (was needed to rule out Downs, he had markers for it) with DS1 so I know that road....
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