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EPer foremilk/hindmilk issue

My daughter is almost 8 weeks old. She was EBF after my milk came in until week 4. She had to have formula in the hospital to avoid a trip to the NICU. Then we discovered a grade 4 posterior tongue tie. Since then I have been EPing and doing bottle feeding. Since birth she has been a very fussy baby with greenish/brown/yellow watery poops. I have given up dairy and soy since around 4 weeks as well. I couldn't help but wonder if my pumped milk is mostly foremilk and minimal hindmilk causing the green watery poop. When my milk is in the fridge there is a very small line of fat on top. I am wondering if other moms that mostly pump experience something similar to this. Can I do anything different to ensure she gets more hindmilk?
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