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Re: Any advice for 3 year old on the verge of giving up naps but not quite...

Originally Posted by syfitz View Post
Just keep repeating "This too shall pass". With all my kids it just seemed to be something that they needed to work through. We stayed home a lot when each went through that transition.
LOL Back when I had trouble just getting them TO nap at all, and then when they transitioned to one nap a day...I kept saying to myself, "they'll be 4 someday and not nap at all..." Little did I realize that THAT wouldn't be much easier.

How long was the transition? We are going on one week without naps, and I'm planning on having him nap tomorrow b/c he is just an absolute mess. I normally give up after 2-3 days, but I thought maybe I needed to give it more time...but really his behavior is atrocious compared to normal; just wondering if I should stick it out or get back to napping.
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