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Re: Whooping cough- ugh

You have a collapsed lung and pertussis? I'm so sorry. You must be in a lot of pain.

I don't know how old you are, but have you talked to the doctor about which vaccination you received as a child and what exactly your reaction was? You might be young enough that you had DTaP, but possibly not. DTaP (or Tdap) is a newer version of the vaccine and is an acellular pertussis vaccination while the old DPT was a whole cell vaccination for the pertussis portion of the vaccine. DPT caused a relatively high amount of local reactions that isn't found with the DTaP vaccine. Anyway, I know that you are sick now, but in the future if you decide to look into it, you might want to find out whether Tdap (which is the adult version of DTaP) might actually be okay for you.

I would also ask your mom what sort of reaction you had. I am not implying that your mom is incorrect and you don't have an allergy. However, in many instances, people believe that they are allergic when what they had was actually an expected (yet unwanted) side effect. For example, a fever is a side effect of the vaccine, not an adverse effect or allergy. Sure, no one likes a fever, but it is expected that somewhere around 1:3 kids will get a fever with the vaccine.

Anyway, something to think about for the future.
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