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Re: Toddler undressing in public

Originally Posted by 5PrincessMommy View Post
really she isn't naked (unless she's wearing a dress which I now avoid), b/c mainly she takes her top off. I think a change in clothes will be needed. I read on the special needs board just now that someone suggested a one piece bathing suit underneath her clothes. That is BRILLIANT! I have one that's a halter that ties and I don't think she can get it undone. I'm going to try that. Except that will make pottying difficult, but she still wears a diaper when we go out.
That was suggested for my LO! It's a great idea, but it didn't work for me, I'm hoping it works for you! If you couldn't tell from the post, we haven't been able to find a solution. I've noticed everyone thinks it's so funny and gets a big kick out of it....until you go to wrangling clothes back on a child who is now screaming and flailing in the floor, at which point everyone acts like you're invisible. My LO learned how to take the swimsuit off pretty quickly and she seems to want to strip even more frequently in tighter fitting clothes. One thing I would start with for you since it seems to be mainly shirts is cutting out tags. Maybe they bother her? And of course make sure it's not an itchy material. Maybe letting her pick her own shirt would help because it would feel more special? Anyway, obviously I don't have the hard and fast answers since I can't keep my own child dressed....but better luck to you.
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