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My DS averages 2 ounces an hour and has since about 5 weeks old. He is now 5 months old and takes 46 ounces a day and started rice cereal.

He's a huge boy 27+ inches & 22lbs, and has always eaten with a ferocious appetite. (We grow really big people in my family, lol! I'm 6 foot and skinny, and I was 24lbs at 10 months old.)

DS has seen a Pediatric GI and they say that although he's big, he needs to eat what he needs to grow and flourish. If we cut down his food, like many people suggested to us, it would be detrimental to his specific needs.

No two babies are alike. You're not alone in the mind boggling breastmilk consumption of your infant, and it is what some babies do need. Talk to your baby's doctor and a Peds GI before reducing feedings.
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