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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?

We did IVF with donor eggs. For unknown reasons mine had aged prematurely. So there was no egg retrieval process for me & I only took drugs for the second half of the process.

Our clinic would only implant 1 or 2 embryos and we were strongly cautioned about choosing two many times. We have 3 frozen embryos we will start to TTC with early next year. I quit my job and did acupuncture to help our chances for success. I didn't want to feel like I should have relaxed more or let go of more stress in my life if IVF wasn't successful.....after 10 years of surgeries (including having my fallopian tubes burned) and TTCing I needed to do anything I felt could increase our odds of success. I don't feel as strongly about quitting my job the next time and likely won't.

It was successful & we had 2 healthy girls @ 37 weeks.

I was a huge ball of stressed nerves throughout the entire process.

9 eggs were retrieved from our donor, 2 implanted, 3 were frozen.
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