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Re: No commute or more money?

I took a job for a huge pay cut (from salary to hourly) and dropped my hours to working only part time afternoons & evenings less than 5 minutes from home. DH does the long commute for the big bucks. We both feel that our main priority in life are our children and they are way better off always having one of us available. I feel like I'm able to put my kids first because of taking a big pay cut & DH has always made so much more $$$ than me that it would not have benefitted our kids the most if he took the pay cut instead of me.

Based on our personal priority scale we could never be a 2 career family and feel we were putting our children first rather than ourselves. That could change as all of our kids get older, but until they are all out of the house I will always prioritize them over my job. I have taken many years off work so my kids could have the best of me & not the stressed out & over worked version of me.

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