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Originally Posted by jacquelinemarie82
Hey girls, wanted to see what mamas here have been through IVF that may not regularly chat on the TTC boards. I would LOVE to ask some questions to those who have been there!!!

1. What side effects did you have from the medications? How soon did they start/ how long did they last?

2. How many eggs did you retrieve? How many made it to the freeze?

3. How many did you implant? How did you decide how many to do?

4. What did you do with leftover fertilized eggs if any?

5. Was the procedure successful for you? If not, do you have any solid answers or thoughts as to why not?

6. What was the egg retrieval like for you? Did you take off much?

7. What was the actual procedure like for you? Did you take off much?

8. Any issues/problems/lingering side effects during the 2 week wait? When were you told you could test? When did you get your positive?
1) I got fat and crazy. Finally lost the weight, possibly still crazy but definitely not out of control emotional.
2) 10 or 15 eggs were retrieved, only 5 were mature. None made it to freeze.
3) We implanted 2, which is the max at our clinic if you are under 35.
4) We had 3 additional fertilized eggs, but they didn't make it to day 5.
5) Yes, it worked for us, I'm forever grateful for my miracle baby.
6) Egg retrieval was fine, I took one day off, but definitely took it easy the next day.
7) Do you mean implantation? Total breeze. Love Valium! Took one day off.
8) no issues that I can recall. Tested positive on a dollar store strip at 10 days, blood draw day 14.
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