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Originally Posted by doulamomma
imo, it's not that big of a deal and one of those things that almost all kids get at some point and that you are better off getting it young than as an adult

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Yes! I got it just this year and it SUUUUCKED. My boys gave it to me. DS1, sore throat, low fever 2days. DS2, no fever, a few spots on feet and groin (less than 5). Me? Shaking, shivering fever for two days, super sore mouth and throat, blisters all over my palms and feet (top and bottom!). Could barely walk, hands stung like crazy. And then after it stopped hurting I looked like a mutant with my peeling hands and feet. To be fair, though, it lasted less than a week.

Edited to add:
Blisters all over the body? Yikes! Also, I highly recommend numbing throat sprays and lozenges.

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