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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?

1. What side effects did you have from the medications? How soon did they start/ how long did they last? I don't recall any specific side effects from the stim meds. Some people talk about emotional things, but I don't recall any of that. I did have huge ginormous welts all over my rear end from the PIO shots after the transfer.

2. How many eggs did you retrieve? How many made it to the freeze? We had 8 follicles going into retrieval, 6 were retrieved, 3 fertilized, all 3 transfered, nothing to freeze, 1 stuck.

3. How many did you implant? How did you decide how many to do? The original plan was to implant 2. When we only had 3 fertilize, and the 3rd one wasn't looking good, my RE said it didn't make sense not to transfer it. Freezing was $450 initially, pluse $800 a year storage. The 2 best looking were transfered, so the 3rd was the least likely to survive freeze anyway, and if we didn't freeze it and didn't transfer it, then it was basically eliminated and that didn't make any more sense than freezing it. So despite having signed paperwork that said to transfer no more than 2, on transfer day, the decision was made among DH, myself, the RE, the nurse practitioner and the embriologist to go ahead and transfer the 3rd as well. And of the 3, only one implanted and stuck anyway.

4. What did you do with leftover fertilized eggs if any? None left

5. Was the procedure successful for you? If not, do you have any solid answers or thoughts as to why not? Yes, it worked exactly as it's supposed to.

6. What was the egg retrieval like for you? Did you take off much? Our retrieval was done on a weekend day, Saturday, and I already had that weekend off work, though I usually work weekends. Retrieval itself wasn't a big deal though honestly, I don't remember. They didn't use general anesthesia, but they called it "twilight sedation." I don't remember the med used, it was in an IV and I recall that it's similar to the sedation my dentist used when DH had all his teeth removed in prep for dentures. I remember walking into the retrieval room, I remember "waking up" in the recovery room, but I don't remember anything in between. Dh said I never went to sleep and talked to him, albeit oddly, most of the time. He was there with me the whole time, his part was taken care off that morning and brought with.

7. What was the actual procedure like for you? Did you take off much? Transfer was...interesting. I was awake through the whole thing, I don't recall any anesthesia. I did have some cramping afterwards. I took off a few days. The week of transfer happened to be a week that I was supposed to go on a required business trip. I ended up risking my job to stay home and miss the trip. And ultimately lost my job anyway due to having the baby because it wasn't covered under FMLA, but that's not relevant to the IVF. It was weird to see on the U/S screen and feel at the same time the weird little catheter thing they used to place the embryos.

8. Any issues/problems/lingering side effects during the 2 week wait? When were you told you could test? When did you get your positive? No issues or problems. They scheduled the beta for 2 weeks after the transfer which was a 3 day transfer, but I started testing one week after with HPTs. I was testing that early to try to "test out" the trigger shot, but I never got a negative test. I got my first positive at about 7dp3dt, so 10 days after fertilization. I tested probably a total of 10 more times between then and the beta test, and they continued to get darker.
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