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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?

We're presently in the middle of our 2nd ivf cycle (our three LOs were conceived thru iui). Egg retrieval was yesterday, and I'm waiting on the fertilization report. My DW is 42, and even though our youngest is 16 months, it appears her fertility has declined precipitously (ds2 only took 3 iui's), as our first ivf cycle yielded two follicles and zero eggs, and this time she had 4-5 follicles and one egg (still waiting to hear whether or not it was mature). We've been advised that donor eggs would be more likely to be successful, but its beyond us financially. I personally wonder if the hcg trigger may be at fault for our supposed "empty follicles", as when we conceived our dd and ds2, she triggered with ovidrel with success; our doc rx'd a generic hcg these two cycles. If we go this route again, and I'm not sure we will, as the process is hard on us financially, and emotionally, we will demand an ovidrel trigger, since we know it worked before.

From the outside perspective, the stims made her irritable and tired. She's had cramping since the retrieval, and slept most of yesterday. She did go to work today (she's a teacher and its the last day). She's done weekly acupuncture, yoga, and used coq10, wheat grass, melatonin, and a brief use of dhea (the verdict's still out on that one), and high dose vitamin d.
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