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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?

Originally Posted by jacquelinemarie82 View Post
Hey girls, wanted to see what mamas here have been through IVF that may not regularly chat on the TTC boards. I would LOVE to ask some questions to those who have been there!!!

1. What side effects did you have from the medications? How soon did they start/ how long did they last? I was very emotional. That's it.

2. How many eggs did you retrieve? How many made it to the freeze? Retrieved 17, 15 mature, 15 embryos fertilized, 12 excellent, 2 transferred, 10 frozen, 3 did not make it

3. How many did you implant? How did you decide how many to do? 2. We always transfer 2. We don't have the money to do them one at a time and we are fine with twins. We didn't want trips. I was asked after a m/c cycle if we wanted to transfer 3. I said no. I'm glad as I had twins that cycle and the next.

4. What did you do with leftover fertilized eggs if any? Transferred all of them. 5 FET's. 1 = m/c, 2 = twins, 3 = twins, 4 = BFN, 5 = twins, lost one around 8wks, singleton due 10/15

5. Was the procedure successful for you? If not, do you have any solid answers or thoughts as to why not? Yup, 5 going on 6 kids.

6. What was the egg retrieval like for you? Did you take off much? It was fine for me.

7. What was the actual procedure like for you? Did you take off much? Yes, I've almost never heard of anyone not taking off work because you have to be on bedrest afterward. Every RE is different as far as how long bedrest lasts. Mine is 24hrs. I've seen some be 3 days. The transfer is not a big deal. The worst part is having a full bladder. (I've had 6 since FET transfers are just like fresh transfers ) With my first cycle, I had OHSS and it was getting really bad the day of the transfer. So, I was in a lot of pain, but it wasn't from the transfer itself. Some RE's have you take valium. (Some say it helps to relax the uterus.) Mine doesn't and I wouldn't if it was offered. To me, the transfers just aren't a big deal and since I've never taken valium and still had lots of success, I don't feel it's needed.

8. Any issues/problems/lingering side effects during the 2 week wait? When were you told you could test? When did you get your positive? I had OHSS. That lasted into the 2ww and was very painful. I ended up out of work for several extra days and was monitored by u/s, but ultimately didn't need any treatment for it other than the rest. Some clinics don't care if you test. Mine tells you not to. You can get false positives if you test too early because of the hCG trigger. Typically, that is out by 10 days, but has been known to linger for 12 days even though that isn't common. I tested at 12 past a 3 day transfer and got a very clear and obvious positive with my fresh cycle. With my FET's, I got positives on day 6 and 7 with different cycles. However, you shouldn't test that early if you do a trigger shot.

Feel free to PM me if you want.
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