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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?

1. What side effects did you have from the medications? How soon did they start/ how long did they last?
Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brusing from the many injections.
2. How many eggs did you retrieve? How many made it to the freeze?
8 eggs, we started on the average meds and ended up on the max of everything we could be on. I did not respond well and each day it was just enough progress to keep on going with the cycle. All fertilized.
3. How many did you implant? How did you decide how many to do?
We implanted 2 on Day 3. It was the max allowed for my age here at our clinic in Ontario. I really wanted to maximize my chances and was ok if we had twins.
4. What did you do with leftover fertilized eggs if any?
We let them keep developing to day 5, there was only 1 left to freeze.
5. Was the procedure successful for you? If not, do you have any solid answers or thoughts as to why not?
It was exhausting and stressful. I don't think I could go through it again, even though we had said we would try twice. I was off during the summer break, I don't know if I could have done it while working (I'm a teacher). I was soooo grumpy!!!
6. What was the egg retrieval like for you? Did you take off much?
I will not lie. It was very painful. My left ovary is a bit weirdly placed though, and even during ultrasounds they really have to dig in there to get a good look at it. I was on pain meds, but they were twisting that needle and pushing down on my tummy. I was crying and it really hurt and the doctor was not sympathetic at all. I happened to be off work, but I probably would have needed a couple of days to recover. That, plus all the drugs in combination was exhausting.
7. What was the actual procedure like for you? Did you take off much?
The actual transfer was fine. Easy peasy compared to the retrieval.
8. Any issues/problems/lingering side effects during the 2 week wait? When were you told you could test? When did you get your positive?
No problems during 2ww. Just took it easy as they said, took the blood test exactly 2w later and had a bfp! Then went in for an ultrasound another 2 weeks later, confirmed a heart beat and was transfered to the care of my midwife for the pregnancy.

We just tried a FET with our frozen embryo last month and were not successful. We have decided not to do IVF again. I am so happy we did it, we have a wonderful little girl, I just don't think I could go through it all again. I am amazed at the strong women who do multiple IVF cycles.
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