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Re: Anyone started their diaper stash yet?

I've started mine and it's so much fun because I didn't CD DS until he was 7 or 8 months. We're going to stick with flats and covers in the beginning, and then make our way to our current stash of prefolds. I sold all my OS pockets so I'll be adding those to my stash in January, when baby gets a bit bigger. Most likely will go for the Imagine pockets because they are so affordable.

So far I've received:

3 flip covers (I think they'll fit a newborn well!)
2 Thirsties Duo Wraps size 1 (these might fit too!)
3 Blueberry Coveralls OS (much too big for a newborn and I found the aplix to be a bit rough)

From previous experience, the BB covers were GREAT for my son until he potty trained so I know I'll love them later on. Right now, I'm a bit disappointed in them because I had forgotten that they run big.

I will order 3 dozen flats later on and some snappis and boingos.
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