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Re: Who here has gone through IVF? May I pick your brains?


1. What side effects did you have from the medications? How soon did they start/ how long did they last? I remember being moody and bloated.

2. How many eggs did you retrieve? How many made it to the freeze? They got 16 eggs and 12 fertilized, and 8 survived the day

3. How many did you implant? How did you decide how many to do? We transferred 2, my doctor's policy is to transfer no more than two during a fresh transfer if you are under a certain age (I think 35?) I was 28

4. What did you do with leftover fertilized eggs if any? We had them frozen

5. Was the procedure successful for you? If not, do you have any solid answers or thoughts as to why not? Yes! We had our son from our first transfer. We went back last year and did a frozen transfer. We transferred 3 embryos and one implanted. Unfortunately we miscarried that baby after seeing the heartbeat at 7 weeks. I don't think it had anything to do with the IVF since they found a blood clotting disorder when they ran the repeat loss panel on me

6. What was the egg retrieval like for you? Did you take off much? I took one day off work (the day of retrieval) it was very painful for me. I was in twilight sleep and felt everything. The doctor kept telling me to lay back down on the table lol. I laid on the couch and took Vicodin for the rest of the day. No one else I have talked to has said it was painful.

7. What was the actual procedure like for you? Did you take off much? I took 2 days off work to lay in bed. The transfer wasn't painful at all besides the full bladder part lol.

8. Any issues/problems/lingering side effects during the 2 week wait? When were you told you could test? When did you get your positive?I got my positive test pretty early. I started testing right away so I could watch the trigger shot leave my system so I could be sure it was the real thing. Then I got several negatives, then a super duper faint line. No real bad side effects, just twinges and cramping and stuff.

Good luck to you!
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