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Re: One Year Old that Still Won't Eat Solids??

I was going to come on here and write the exact same original post, except my daughter is BF. It's easy to tell myself not to worry, but I've been telling myself that for 5 months now so it's not working as well anymore! I never imagined solids being such an ordeal! We've tried homemade, store bought, BLW, different temperatures, etc.

I am wondering if something else is going on - some kind of food intolerance or gag reflex issue - so I'm going to ask for an OT evaluation referral at her 1 year appt and for an iron test (I feel like she looks tired constantly). One weird thing is that I've never been able to give her Tylenol, even in tiny doses, from the dropper without her instantly throwing up from the sensation of it being in her mouth, I guess. She also never took a bottle or a paci. I am not ready to wean her yet, but I didn't expect to have a completely breastfed baby at a year, especially with no bottles involved.

Okay, so here is my piggy back question:

Those of you who have had delayed solids eaters - any tricks for getting them interested in solids? Certain times of day? How long from their last nursing session? Any games? Any tricks you've found would be greatly appreciated! I'd love a breakthrough moment :-) I think she has no concept that food is for any type of nourishment.

Other piggy back question - she is only pooping every 10-12 days right now (she is still pretty much EBF so I wasn't too worried), but they are foul - no more EBF poop, but I don't even know if it's transition poop. If any brave soul knows what "normal" might be for a mainly EBF baby who tastes food 3 times a day or so, I'd appreciate it. I dread those poop days, though. It's the one day a week that I wish for disposable diapers!

Sorry for such a long post! Thank you all!
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