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Re: Ahhh....

Have you figured out WHY he won't eat meat? Is it a texture thing possibly? DD (just slightly younger) has issues with "whole" meat sometimes but ground meat almost always gets eaten.
Will he eat cheese cubes? Maybe try tofu or edamame - good proteins but not in a meat form.
Can you trick him into eating meat by giving him a sturdy rib or chop bone with meat on it? Not that I'm a big advocate of fooling LO's but think of it as gateway meat
Pureed califlower! You can season it up by adding cheese, herbs, or such (also yummy for everyone). Also I have added small florets of cauliflower to the pasta while cooking and then made mac and cheese with it. The C kind of melts into the pasta.
Veg with "mac and cheese sauce?" Or butter... my cousins kids turn up their noses at veg until she puts melted butter on top... then they proclaim brussels sprouts to be DELISH, lol!
Zucchini bread is a great idea, and maybe you could do carrot muffins or something like that?
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