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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name?: Lindsey

Children?: This is my first!

Occupation?: Graduate student in physical anthropology. Hoping to have my PhD in a few years!

Favorite color?: If I have to choose, I guess purple and green, but I love them all... except pastels.

Favorite food?: I'm vegetarian, so anything without meat, pretty much! I love Thai food. I love to bake. I got a kitchenaid stand mixer last winter and I'm loving it!

Hobbies?: Knitting, roller derby (when I'm not pregnant!), baking, I'm learning to sew and have started to make flannel wipes. I love to do crafty things and spend time outside with my husband and border collie mix. I also have a bearded dragon, a uromastyx and a salt water fish tank.

Number of months TTC?: 1!! We got pregnant on the first try! We finally decided to take the plunge after being married 7 yrs (I'm 31 now) and I figured it would take a while. It took 6+ for my sister and several of my friends, but I was pregnant immediately! I just couldn't believe it!

How many babies do you want?: I don't know yet. Probably 2. We'll see how I feel after we get through this one.

Type of birth planned?: Natural, but in a hospital. I have a really great doula. I'm hoping I can labor in the tub and just do whatever my body tells me.
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