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Re: How did you know you wanted 3?

I'll comment here because you asked about moms.
I have one brother, he was 7 years older than me. I always wished I had more siblings. One closer to me in age in particular.
I come from a family with one of each and DF comes from a family with one of each. Now we have one of each. It's hard to mess with one of each...

Right now I feel content, but my babe is only 6 months old. I would't be against another, but right now we're definitely not trying.
We pull out, that's it!!! But I would be upset if I got pregnant right now.

I always wanted 4 and then after our first I said 3-4. DF wanted one and then compromised with me and we had #2. He claims he's DONE and wants to get a V, but he's stalling and I think that him stalling is himself thinking he may want a third.

I'm hoping that one day I can get a third. I feel content now, but I don't feel DONE. You know? I'm content for maybe another year or 2, but then I think I'll want another.
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