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Re: Too many blackberries!

Originally Posted by Leocaligirl View Post
There is no such thing as to many blackberries.
Syrup sounds great. Also can you can some whole so you can use them later in the year in recipes?
Too many blackberries give you the trots. I know, because we pick berries every single night, and my two year old eats her whole bucket every single night. We get 1.5 to 3 gallons per night, which I feel very blessed to have, but wouldn't mind a break from picking and processing! It's one of those things that once it's done you miss it though. And I'm running out of ideas with what to do....enter you guys! Awesome ideas guys! I have canned a whole bunch whole for cooking already, and have a bunch of jars lined up in the basement. I also use frozen ones for cooking, so I've got this part covered! I'm going to be doing the syrup, and got some delicious ideas from the homesteading forum, but I have got to go to the store tomorrow because I've run out of canning jars. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get them? I usually get mine at Walmart, but wondering if there was somewhere online that was cheaper. I'm going to need a bunch!
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