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Re: How did you know you wanted 3?

Well, i grew up in a family of 3> myself and two younger brothers. I always wanted more siblings, but more than that I have spent most of my life wishing I had a sister. From a kids perspective I think more kids in my family would have been great for me. That being I am an adult and my parents adopted two babies from foster care. They are about to be 6 and 7. They take advantage of my parents, stress them out, scream and whine all the time, one of them even has neurological and behavioral problems from his mom being on drugs during pregnancy. Needless to say the kids are in a better home....but its been somewhat hard for the whole family. I say if you feel like you want to have 3 or more kids and you can handle it- then just go for it! but do put thought into your entire circumstance. Also, my mom and dad are both around 50 and have left the kids for us to take care of when they die. This kind of scares me at times since both of my parents are now having health problems .... Whatever will be will be, but I must say that is in the back of my mind. I dont want to think about that especially since I want to grow my own family.

And just for fun I will add that My husband and I have two kids right now and we would love to have 2-3 more!
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