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beetles. beetles. AND more beetles!

A couple days ago I went out to water the garden and noticed a beetle. I remember thinking "we need to get a beetle bag asap before it becomes an infectation". We've had years were they have demolished our garden in days. We finally got our bag up last night but there is aready quite a bit of damage.
The last couple days we have barely been able to go outside b/c they practially attack you. One actual crawled in my shirt and bit me! Yesterday we noticed mealworm beetles in the house. We probably killed 10 already.

So we have brown beetles and Jap. Beetles outside and Mealworm beetles inside. This happened every summer when the temp gets really hot. I"m so frustrated!
I guess i'm just kind of venting but if you have any suggestions for me that would be cool too.
I didnt proofread this. Sorry if its a total mess

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