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Re: I think I have thrush

Originally Posted by Mom2jandb View Post
I used GV a lot. 1% (2% is too strong)
You swab a little on your nipple with a Qtip once a day for a week.

You can also call your OB for some Diflucan.
OK thanks I will try that!

Originally Posted by Mom2jandb View Post
I think the Monistat goes on your nipple.
I personally never felt comfortable doing that, especially since my LO was never "done" nursing.
Ahh well that's good to know.

Originally Posted by Mom2jandb View Post

Your baby looks a LOT like both of mine!
My dd is 1/4 Korean, her dad being 1/2 Korean, are your lo's part Asian?
She looks way less Asian now as a 16mos old, she looks like me w/a "veil" of her dada.

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
Monistat is applied topically to the nipple, so you'd want the cream. Often times, for moms that have very heavy nursers, you can consider putting it on the nipple after bedtime (when they're least likely to need to nurse again for at least a little while). That said, every source I have (including the link below), says that any visible amounts of miconazole should be wiped off prior to the next feed, but the nipples do NOT need to be washed to remove any residual amounts.

Thrush treatment
I will consider this if the other stuff doesnt work for sure.

For now Im laying off all sugar (which dh doesnt think will help since breast milk has sugar in it) and using the diluted vinegar on my breast. Ill just grin and bear it for now. She may not nurse for an hour right after she falls asleep at night but she wakes up during the night to nurse, not sure how often for sure.

I appreciate everyone's responses.
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