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Re: My company might be merging

((HUGS)) It depends on your state for unemployement I think. I was on it about 8 years ago when I got let go from a company. I had to be activly looking for a job and call in every week. the company I worked for tried to fight the unemployment (but ended up looking really stupid) and I won. It was at least a month or more before the checks started coming in. they did retro it back to when I first applied. I think the money was about 60% of my salery. Is insurance through your company or DH's. If yours and DH's company offeres you might want to start looking into switching to at least getting on both so you won't have any lapse in coverage, espeically if you are pregnant.

I would start looking now and getting your resume up to date. also look at ways you and DH can cut out some expenses. Less gass money will be one, and is your older kiddo in daycare? that would be less money out of pocket.
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