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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

I'm stuck on this decision. I don't want it, but DH does. I had told him a while back that the decision was his because he's a guy. A couple weeks ago I added that the decision was his, but i'd like for him to research the pros and cons before he makes an absolute decision. I just emailed him the top 10 reasons in the original post because i know he hasn't looked into it at all. We're team green, so it makes it even harder to discuss the topic since it might not even be an issue. If he refuses to budge on his decision, I will at least insist that the procedure wait until baby is a week old.
I've been doing so much research on birth options and cloth diapers, etc. I really feel like he needs to step it up now and help with research on vaccinations and circumcision. Those are decisions we really should make together as parents. I can't make all the big decisions.
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