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Re: EPer foremilk/hindmilk issue

I have a 7 week old girl that gets half her milk from pumping and half from the breast. I thought the green was due to broccoli, but it turned out to be a foremilk/hindmilk issue. We've gotten the number of green poos down by making sure that I empty (as best I can) the whole breast while pumping and not stopping the session based on an arbitrary time recommendation. That being said, if you have an oversupply like I do, longer more frequent pumping sessions can increase supply. So we are trying to find a balance/reliable routine right now. Also, the time of milk collection can play a role. We generally produce more thin milk in the morning and more fatty milk in the evening as our supplies drop. If you are not pumping enough in the evening that could be an issue. Are the poops a mixture of the colors, or is it like green one time, brown or yellow the others? I know that watery and seedy are ok and normal, but bright green, or brown/yellowish-ish with bright green bits is an indication of an imbalance. You should talk to a la leche league leader if you can to help out because every mom and baby are unique.
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