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Originally Posted by songbird516

I'm not anti-epidural, but the attitude of "take whatever they offer whenever" is not always the best idea, especially if you don't have care providers who are very pro-vaginal birth. A woman who has an epidural is often limited to bed (can make labor longer), and also the epidural comes with lots of potential complications like making your blood pressure go down (not good for baby or mom) or causing a fever which leads to antibiotics...etc. Also, a baby that is posterior may need mom to get out of bed or into other positions that are much more difficult to do with an epidural. Not impossible, but difficult, and many times nurses/doctors won't tell mom "your baby is in an unfavorable position". Instead they say "your pelvis is too small", which is really often not the case.
Epidurals can be great, but if you go into labor afraid of a long labor and afraid of the are setting yourself up for all kinds of interventions and complications. It's best to avoid the epidural, or to get it after you've already progressed quite a bit in your labor, and to be an active participant and decision-maker.
And honestly, you never know what your labor will be like, so don't freak yourself out unnecessarily. Do everything you can to make it as easy as possible (eat a good diet with lots of vitamin D, exercise, avoid an induction, etc), and then when the time comes, take it one contraction at a time and see what happens and how you feel about it.
So true. I haven't had any c sections but my 1st birth I was given the Epidural at only 3cm at 5am. I didn't have him until 5:15pm. I couldn't move, had to have a cathetor(yuck). The epidural failed by 1 hour later. No one offered me anything else. Pretty much just made to deal with it. (I have scoleosis, makes epidural hard to place)
It was an awful birth.
2nd baby- I walked into the hospital at 4cm. The pain was still pretty managable. I walked the halls for an hour or so. Came back to the room at a 5, and 100% with a bulging bag of water. Decided to get the epidural. I was checked right after it was placed and was 6cm, bag broke. Literally an hour or so later baby boy was born.
I know that 1 hour of walking made all the difference.
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