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Stacey, I agree with Melissa on the carseat. If he's in a bucket seat, get him a convertible. There are tons of options for different price points that will last him a loooong time. Unfortunately many parents think rearfacing is the culprit and turn them forward too soon. He should stay rearfacing until at least 2 so a convertible seat will be needed anyways. If your dd needs recommendations on seats go to the carseat forum under Parenting.

If he's already I'm a convertible seat, make sure it's as upright as is allowed for the seat, Plenty of soft toys or distractions for him to toy with, A mirror that straps on to the headrest and can't become a projectile might work... And lastly...some kids get carsick or just don't like to be restrained. He is pretty mobile right? He may just not like that he isn't free to move and explore. In that case, he'll have to tough it out, IT WILL PASS!! And to your dd- that is way stressful!
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