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Originally Posted by pgkcb13
For all you experts!

I'm a total amatuer, been trying to garden for a few years now and this is the first year things have looked promising, but I'm running into a few issues...

1. I went to check my plants today and found large patches of tiny white dots, they almost looked kind of poofy, but really tiny. I also noticed that the soil near them looked kind of cob-web-ish... any ideas?

2. A few of my strawberry plants have strawberries started producing, but they're staying really really tiny and ripening that way (it basically looks like the petal of the blossom fell of and the middle part left turns red). Any idea why that's happening and how to fix it?

3. Weevils. Ugh. We have tons of them. Came with the house :/ We read that nematodes might help, any other suggestions?

4. Any ideas for slug traps beside hollowed out oranges? We have tons of those too.

5. Half my soil is very very wet and stays very wet (to the point of getting mildew and moss on the surface) and the other half is so dry it doesn't want to absorb water (water runs off the top). The dry was here when we moves in, the wet what we put in our newer beds. Is there anything I can do now tht it's all planted? Or advice for next year? (esp if there's anyone in the PNW!)

If you've read all this, bless you. I need all the help I can get!
I have mostly Midwest gardening experience, but here is a start:

1) a pic would help, maybe mealy bugs? What plants are affected?

2) are these newly planted? They usually take a season to get established, if not, try adding compost/manure to increase soil water holding ability and nutrients.

3) can't help here

4) chickens and ducks love them, so I haven't had a problem. I've heard a little container of beer to attract and drown them.

5) Dry areas would usually be well served by adding mulch now and manure/compost before it gets planted. Organic material helps increase infiltration and holds more water for later when plants need it.

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