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Re: 1yo meal sizes?

Oh, man, this is one of those questions where you can ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. My kids have run the gamut, and flip-flopped from one end to the other at various times. As infants, DD#1 used to eat one 4-oz. portion (either a jar or something homemade) per meal, while the triplets used to eat 2+, and sometimes 3 portions. Then, at a year old, DD#1 started eating whole plates (toddler plates, but still...) of food, and the triplets just don't have the patience to sit through that long a meal.

That said, I have some averages that might help. A single meal for one one-year-old can consist of any of the following.

- One packet of oatmeal, prepared according to instructions (or a similar sized portion from scratch, if I have my act together enough to make it).
- One slice of wheat bread with two slices of turkey/chicken and a slice of cheese
- One avocado and a slice of bread
- One banana and a handful of Cheerios
- Two smallish pieces of chicken (e.g., a drumstick and a wing), or one big piece (e.g., a thigh), plus a small amount of whatever else is being served
- One egg with one slice of cheese, or 1.5-2 eggs cooked plain

Hope that helps! In general, I guess we're looking at about a cup of food overall, maybe a little more or a little less, depending on how dense it is and how hungry the kid is.
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