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Re: know anything about farming large # of acres for profit?

My parents farm 3500+ acres of corn each year, some years soybeans also (in Iowa with much better soil than Texas). It wouldn't make any sense to do an organic crop that is not meant for human consumption (or any crop that is sold at market prices organically) your yields would be very poor. The overhead for this type of farming vs hay is rediculiously much higher. To make it you really must be a marketing wiz, a farming genius (the bottom 80% in farming intelligence can't make it), hope for perfect weather & rainfall your first 6-8 years, high quality soil, and have an awesome farmer to mentor.

It is very hard to get into, even when you grew up with with parents who farmed & you inherit it all (even most in that situation fail). There is no such thing as living comfortably until you are at least 20 years in. You must save several years of income to survive when you have several bad years in a row (which happens frequently). You must upgrade, upgrade, upgrade whenever possible, attend expensive seminars so you can keep farming on the cutting edge - otherwise you cannot compete with the big guys and are eaten alive. The big guys control the prices land is bought & sold at (they can always afford to pay more than the new guy & will always outbid you - crop land is sold & rented to the highest bidder).

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