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Re: AUGUST 2011 - Its June!!

Such a crazy month around here. Little Miss sue is busy these days. She is a crawling maniac, and is stair climbing, cruising around furniture and behind toys. I think so is just scared to let go, when she does even more trouble She says mama, dada, baba (our cat Baylor) and Lala DD. Yesterday she was so mad because she couldn't figure out how to stand and clap without completely letting go, she tried using an elbow to cling on. Quite funny to watch actually. She still has zero teeth! This is from Memorial Day

We got her first walking shoes this past weekend, she has the opposite feet of DD, she has tiny foot syndrome she is a whopping size 1 or a 0-3 month shoe. Stride right laughed at how small of walker shoes she needed and didn't have any in stock (i think they start at size 3) so she ended up with tiny nikes. I'd post a picture but I have a loaner phone yet again seriously I'm phone number 5 of the year they just keep breaking, I do not reccommend droid incredibles.

This is my latest crafty project, I used scrap fabric and serged with edges with one flat fabric and the other side tactile, then painted the alphabet on the flat side. FIL is making her a wooden box with a Kleenex blog like opening for her to pull them in and out of.

Her weight is doing okay she weighed in at 16lbs 1oz, a 4oz gain on the month. Friday is the GI check and we get the results of the celiacs genetic tests. I think it's negative as they sent me a copy of the test results, I googles them. She doesn't have the specific HLA- DQA or B *subtype that is usually associated with celiacs but she does have variants of both HLA-DQA and B. If that makes sense!

Trying to sort my house in air shipment, sea shipment and storage.... Oh the fun! August 16th is the big day.
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