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Re: My C-section Birth Plan

Originally Posted by CM6755 View Post
The only thing I can think of for postpartum momma care is for them yo keep you on schedule with pain meds. I had one crazy nurse that told me, 'if you want narcotics, u must ask for narcotics, I cannot just bring you narcotics without you asking for narcotics.' this was after I (unknowingly) went 2 hours over schedule on percocet and felt like ai was dying...she acted like I was some pill head out on a corner! I was just sliced open for heavens sake! She also made highly in appropriate comments to my b/f at the time (the baby's father)...cant wait to write on my birth plan that she is BANNED from my room!
Just an FYI. All narcotics are on a per need basis by patient request only. You can say thanks for the Vicodin I would like my next dose of one or two (which ever is working for you) in 4 hours from now, even if I'm sleeping please wake me up to give it. Narcotics aren't a scheduled med like Ibu is.

Op: your birth plan sounds awesome! I wish every csection mama was as prepared as you! Our hospital just became a certified baby friendly hospital so we do skin to skin in the OR with our csection mama's! I love it!
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