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Originally Posted by stlittleton

I know how you're feeling. I feel like i didn't get the right support when I was in the hospital. They didn't even send in a lactation consultant when I was there, but I had probably like 8 different nurses try to help in the day and a half after he was born. All of whom made it worse, and we struggled even more. He was crying so hard and nothing I tried would console him, finally a doctor suggested we supplement. I wanted to try to pump while I was there, but was too timid to say anything which I totally regret now.. We're still trying to get him to the breast but he just isn't getting it. It's really upsetting. I feel so bad, because part of me just wants to give up.. :/
I still want to give up most days, don't feel guilty. You'd think something so natural would be easy, instinctual but breastfeeding has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. After so many nurses and consultants the one thing that consoled me was the breastfeeding forum here on DS. Those mamas are SO sweet and helpful.

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