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Originally Posted by triplomom
Oh, man, this is one of those questions where you can ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. My kids have run the gamut, and flip-flopped from one end to the other at various times. As infants, DD#1 used to eat one 4-oz. portion (either a jar or something homemade) per meal, while the triplets used to eat 2+, and sometimes 3 portions. Then, at a year old, DD#1 started eating whole plates (toddler plates, but still...) of food, and the triplets just don't have the patience to sit through that long a meal.

That said, I have some averages that might help. A single meal for one one-year-old can consist of any of the following.

- One packet of oatmeal, prepared according to instructions (or a similar sized portion from scratch, if I have my act together enough to make it).
- One slice of wheat bread with two slices of turkey/chicken and a slice of cheese
- One avocado and a slice of bread
- One banana and a handful of Cheerios
- Two smallish pieces of chicken (e.g., a drumstick and a wing), or one big piece (e.g., a thigh), plus a small amount of whatever else is being served
- One egg with one slice of cheese, or 1.5-2 eggs cooked plain

Hope that helps! In general, I guess we're looking at about a cup of food overall, maybe a little more or a little less, depending on how dense it is and how hungry the kid is.
Wow! Don't think my 21 mo olds eat near that at one meal! In fact that's about what they split!
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