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Re: Junebugs chat June 24-30th

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
It has definitely been quieter here! So sorry for all you mamas still waiting. Now that it's hitting 100 everyday I can't imagine still being pregnant right now. Can't believe my due date still wouldn't have been for 3 more days.

I've been struggling quite a bit, emotionally, with how Emmanuel's birth happened, him coming 3 weeks early, being first time parents, and, omg, the power struggles with MIL over the baby I did NOT expect.

At his 2 week appointment Emmanuel still hadn't gotten back to his birth weight so the pedi wants me to go to a lactation consultant. I know it's terrible and I'm a terrible mom but I don't want to go. I have seen more LCs than I have fingers on one hand since his birth, all at my request, because I wanted to make sure I was doing things right. My experience has been that all of it is just guess work and none of them know what they're talking about.

I've started giving him bottles (ebm) about 30% of the time just to know he's eating X amount. I don't feel good about it and I'm worried about it causing supply issues. We have another appointment to check his weight again this Thursday, hopefully the bottles and more time will have made a difference.
have they checked him for lip or tongue tie? Also, you can use a syringe (plastic med can get them free at target pharmacy) or a dixie cup to supplement (hold it tipped slightly to his mouth and he will lap it up). That way you don't have nipple confusion on top of any other breastfeeding issues. If you want him to gain fast, once you pump, let the cream rise to the top, skim that off and use THAT to supplement. It fattens them right up! Also, only nurse on one side, to let him get ALL the hindmilk from one breast. If he then wants more, let him have the other side, but one side for as long as he wants (no switching after you burp or after a certain amount of minutes, etc). If you are worried about your supply, pump the other breast while nursing, etc.


AFM: struggling also a bit. DH is adamant about this being the last baby bc of my health and I am devastated. If it was bc I just couldn't get pregnant (bc I am older) that's one thing, but having the choice forced on this birth was SO empowering, I just can't imagine.....anyway....
I am also having ovary pain? I thought it was my abs, but it's equal on each side, when I lay down or try to get up (but not every time) and last night I almost threw up from the pain. It's not a pain I can really describe though.
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