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Re: Junebugs chat June 24-30th

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
I still want to give up most days, don't feel guilty. You'd think something so natural would be easy, instinctual but breastfeeding has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. After so many nurses and consultants the one thing that consoled me was the breastfeeding forum here on DS. Those mamas are SO sweet and helpful.

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Thanks. We're working through it. We have an appt today finally with a consultant, and I'm really hoping that helps. He didn't take to the nipple shields this morning. I'm wondering if he may have a lip tie. He always curls his top lip in, even when we give him a bottle. I told the pediatrician about it, but she didn't seem super concerned.

Other than our breastfeeding struggles everything is going really well. Milo (our nickname for him) loves to be held. It makes sleeping difficult because I'm way too panicky to try co-sleeping, but at the same time I love that he is such a cuddly baby. I feel bad for SO; he's doing so great for his first time. He's been super helpful with everything, and he's getting better everyday. But I'm so short with him sometimes.. He's having a hard time not getting the sleep he was use to. Since he's the one working, and we're trying to work it out so I can stay home because we don't want to do daycare I try to let him sleep as much as possible. But he just can't seem to function as well as I can, and he's getting double if not triple the amount of sleep I am. I know he's trying so hard, but I can't help but get irritated. :/ Sorry had to vent about that..

Sending positive vibes to all those mamas still waiting on their los.. Hopefully soon!
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