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have my ellaroo wrap, but can't use it!

hello mamas, i'm wondering if anyone has any advice to give about my beautiful ellaroo wrap. my son is almost five months old, and we have never sucessfully used it! (i always gave up and used the bjiorn, but there is NO WAY i can carry my super chunk in that thing anymore.) i just can't seem to find a position that works well for us. i've looked at several different websites and used many different positions (except none where he is on my back), and i just can't get a good feel for it. not to mention that when i do get him in a hold, it took a lot of help from my husband. i want to be able to use a wrap/sling all by myself (like i'm a big girl )

i think that one of the problems is that my wrap is a size small, and while i'm very petite and pretty thin, i think that the combo of my huge baby (he was a little over 20 lbs at 4 months) and my HUGE nursing boobs, that it may be too small, thus creating our problems? i'm not sure what to do, i literally have never used the thing except to practice holds every few weeks, only to give up. i'm considering selling it and getting something like a hotsling. i mean if i can't figure that out, WOW, i can't blame it on the sling, only myself!

what say you baby wearing mamas?
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