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Re: Junebugs chat June 24-30th

for the mamas who have had bad birth experiences. Its ok to be angry, sad etc, you need to feel all those feelings before you can start the healing process. There is lots of support out there too.

Hang in there with the breastfeeding mamas! Glad you are seeking help with it

AFM- Arwin is over his case of thrush and I never showed any signs But we are struggling with major oversupply. Breastfeeding is so messy right now lol. We've started block feeding in 2 hour blocks to try to start to get it under control since with DD it took me 6 months to get it under control and even then I was still over producing but we were able to manage it better. On the mood side of things the last couple days have been rough, I'm now full time home with 3 kids as DS is done preschool and he's being a handful due to his issues. I'm finding myself yelling alot more then I should and feeling very trapped and moody. We have a meeting tomorrow with his FSCD worker to discuss supports for him and I'm hoping we can get more supports in place to help out. Even just a bit more respite care would make a world of difference for us!
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