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Re: Facing my second breech c-section :( Help me with my birth plan.

Originally Posted by palsmama View Post
Just an FYI. All narcotics are on a per need basis by patient request only. You can say thanks for the Vicodin I would like my next dose of one or two (which ever is working for you) in 4 hours from now, even if I'm sleeping please wake me up to give it. Narcotics aren't a scheduled med like Ibu is.

Op: your birth plan sounds awesome! I wish every csection mama was as prepared as you! Our hospital just became a certified baby friendly hospital so we do skin to skin in the OR with our csection mama's! I love it!
That's good to know. We are in a small hospital, so I think I could ask them to wake me as needed and know they would follow through with that. How would skin to skin work in the OR since I'm laying down and my arms won't work well? I'd love to do that...

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
You're only 35 weeks, she still has time to turn. Prayers for you.
Thank you, mama. I am still doing all the stuff to turn her, but my first and second kids were "stuck" after 28 weeks (my first head down, thankfully). They were both 9 lbs at birth and I can tell she is the same. She has been breech since 28 weeks as well. I would love NOTHING more than to have a crazy story happen at 39 weeks, but I'm making myself sick about it right now and have to mentally and emotionally prepare for this possibility. My second was supposed to be a home birth with a midwife and I spent my last several weeks stressed and sobbing about that one as well. Trying not to do that this time.

Originally Posted by mekat View Post
Personally, for the first day I would want the IV to stay in, that way you can use the PCA pump to get pain relief when you want it. They take that IV out then you are at the mercy of the nurses and how overloaded they are to deliver those pain meds. Personal decision I know but the thought of being in pain while waiting for a nurse to finally show up makes me cringe.
Hadn't thought of that - I just know I had a really bad reaction to the IV drugs last time and itched myself BLOODY head to toe. I could NOT stop. I'm thinking the sooner I can get off that the better.

Originally Posted by cacasey1981 View Post
Make sure your dr is on board before-hand and be prepared to sign waivers for the eye ointment and the vaccines.

You may also want to add in them encouraging you to walk when it's safe to moving can help prevent clots in your legs.

Good luck
He is/will be. He's a family practitioner and knows my stance on a lot of these things already. He was very supportive of my VBAC and has done weekly ultrasounds from 28 weeks on so I could check her position and keep trying to flip her as needed. He is the one who suggested some of this stuff (like keeping her in OR, going to recovery together, etc.)
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