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Originally Posted by EmmaGM
Ah, I'm in the same boat with dh... I get so angry at him. I ask him to hold the baby while I go to the bathroom or something, come back and the baby is dangling off his belly as dh snores away. He can't do one simple thing to help me out without falling asleep when his sleep has hardly been cut into at all. I'm the one awake with the baby for 45+ minutes nursing every hour and a half to two hours. I'm the one awake another 30 minutes to pump after that. I'm the one changing every diaper because he won't wake up to do it. I'm the one snuggling baby back to sleep because dh can't manage it.

The complicated pregnancy didn't faze me. The bad birth experience messed with my head but it didn't change my mind. But when I think of how helpful dh has been, I'm not sure I want anymore.

Sorry for venting so much here! That's not something I can say anywhere else.

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I could have written your post! This is the reason I wasn't ready for a 2nd baby so soon. (DH was like this with the first baby) but I can tell you if your open and honest it should help. One day I just had to lay it all out and things really improved.
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