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Why is my garden not growing?

This seems to be a common problem for me on a year to year basis and I can't figure out why. It survives but doesn't thrive.

We are in a drought but I am watering daily. All of my plants are green and grow new leaves and even some flowers. But growth is extremely slow, new leaves are tiny and the green color is light instead of the deep vibrant green of a thriving plant. This is all of them from corn to toms to zukes and there's no sign of disease or pests.

It's been hot this year but I don't think that is the problem because other gardens I see in the area are doing fine. It's in full sun, from just after sunrise to just before sunset. It could be that I am overwatering to try to compensate for the drought but I dunno. Usually I am an underwater-er. There are weeds but nothing too bad.

I just got some balanced liquid fertilizer from our local nursery and poured some of that on there. Any other ideas or advice?
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